How to stain the wood of the cabinets

Some people thing that remodeling is the only way to give a new and different look to their kitchens, which is not true. It is fact that remodeling can change the look of the kitchen but it requires too much money. There are some very simple and basic methods, which can make the kitchen look modern and stylish in a very small amount of money, and good thing is that you do not need to hire people for that. Staining cabinet is one of those methods, which can change the whole look of the place and in a limited budget. People can do it by themselves very easily.

Here are some materials and tools you will need for wood stain cabinet such as 220-grit sandpaper, wood conditioner, oil-based polyurethane, 120-grit sandpaper oil-based stain, and Sand the Wood. Stains look very good especially on cabinets made of birch, or oak. Some people purchase unfinished cabinets and than paint the cabinets, they should try staining instead. It is a much better option.

Before starting the actual process, it is important to prepare the wood. For that, you will have to sand the wood lightly for that 120-grit sand paper will require. Make sure that, you are using the paper in the direction of the grain; otherwise, the wood will get scratches. 220-grit sandpaper is also good to give a smooth surface to the wood. After that, you will have to apply the wood conditioner but before that make sure that there is no dust on the wood. Let the conditioner get dry. Then start applying the stain in circular motions so that it can go deep in the wood. The last step is of applying the finish. To protect the color, you will have to apply a finish. If the stain is oily, then apply oil-based polyurethane and give at least two coats.


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